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Location: Glenville, Pennsylvania, United States

Sunday, October 20, 2013


By Bill Engelhardt

Last Friday evening, October 18, the Mustangs of South Western visited the Lions of Red Lion and were edged 20-13.  The Mustangs won the game in all aspects except the scoreboard, racking up 26 first downs to the Lions 13 and registering 365-yards of offense to the Lions 287-yards.

The Lions opened the game with a 40-yard kickoff return to the Mustangs 43-yard line by Nate Orji.  An eight-play drive, featuring a 13-yard pass from Blake Cahill to Dan Waldrup, ended with a 6-yard touchdown pass from Blake to Matt Wanbaugh.  Evan Miller’s extra point kick put the Lions up 7-0 at the 8:32 mark of the first quarter.

The Mustangs then drove 35-yards in ten plays, featuring an 11-yard run by Jonas Walter, and punted.  The Lions punted after a 20-yard drive and the Mustangs punted again after a three and out.  The Lions then drove 61-yards in five plays, featuring a 43-yard dash by Cahill, ending with a 7-yard touchdown run by Kenny Holloway.  That upped the score to 13-0 at the 11:40 mark of the second quarter.

The Mustangs then drove 55-yards in fifteen plays, only to turn the ball over on downs at the Lions 25-yard line.  The Lions then had a 20-yard drive thwarted by a 13-yardd sack by Tyler Jachelski for the Mustangs and punted.  The Mustangs started at their 13-yard line and drove to the Lions 47-yard line as the first half came to an end.

The Mustangs opened the second half with a ten play 66-yard drive, featuring a 31-yard run by Jordan Markle and a 10-yard pass from Tyler Sterner to Markle.  The drive ended with a missed 39-yard field goal attempt.

The Lions went three and out and punted.  The Mustangs then drove 46-yards in nine plays, featuring a 14-yard pass from Sterner to Brown, and ending with Brown’s 4-yard touchdown run.  That left the Lions up 13-6 at the 2:55 mark of the third quarter.

The Lions drove 34-yards in six plays, featuring a 30-yrd pass from Cahill to Damien Hess, and punted.

The Mustangs then drove 92-yards in nine plays, featuring a 22-yard pass from Sterner to Logan Bowman and a 29-yard run by Miles Francis, and ending with Jordan Markle’s 7-yard touchdown run.  Brock Geiman’s extra point kick tied the score at 13 with 8:38 left in the game.

The Lions then drove 73-yards in eight plays, featuring a 42-yard run by Antwan Jackson, and ending with Cahill’s 11-yard touchdown pass to Alex Keller.  Miller’s extra point kick closed out the scoring at 20-13 in favor of the Lions.

Miles Francis returned the kickoff for 38-yards and the Mustangs drove to the Lions 36-yard line before turning the ball over on downs.  The Lions went three and out and punted and the Mustangs drove to midfield before Damien Hess intercepted a Mustangs pass as the game ended.

Brock Geiman kicked off 3 time for 136-yards, with the longest going for 48-yards, and punted 2 times for 61-yards, for a 30.5-yard average, with the longest going for 33-yards, for the Mustangs.  Miles Francis returned 2 kickoffs for 55-yards, with the longest going for 38-yards, and 2 punts for 13-yards, with the longest going for 9-yards, and Payton Taylor returned 2 kickoffs 25-yards, with the longest going for 16-yards, for the Mustangs.

Tyler Jachelski, with 9 tackles and 1 sack for a 13-yard loss, led the Mustangs defense, followed by Ryan Lane with 7 tackles, Payton Taylor with 5 tackles and 1 pass defense, Aaron Uttley with 5 tackles, Matt Helwig, Domnick Holcombe, Ryan Krebs, Wyatt Trostle, and Josh Walker with 4 tackles each, Logan Bowman and Gunner Holtz with 3 tackles each, Hunter Palmer and Jordan Markle with 2 tackles each, and Skylar Bowman with 1 tackle.

Rich Bosse, Skylar Bowman, Camden Brown, Scotty Dickmyer, Matt Helwig, Domnick Holcombe, Gunner Holtz, Tyler Jachelski, Ryan Krebs, Gus Landis, Ryan Lane, Brandon McMinn, Elder Sterner, Aaron Uttley, and Josh Walker, manned the offensive and defensive line and linebacker positions.

Logan Bowman, Brenden Fahs, Jordan Markle, Hunter Palmer, Payton Taylor, and Brady Thayer patrolled the secondary for the Mustangs.

The Mustangs gained 294-yards rushing and 71-yards passing for a total of 365-yards of offense. Quarterback Tyler Sterner completed 6 of 19 passes for 71-yards, 2 for 23-yards to Camden Brown, 1 for 22-yards to Logan Bowman, 2 for 16-yards to Jordan Markle, and 1 for 10-yards to Brady Thayer, for the Mustangs.

Miles Francis led the Mustangs rushing attack with 10 carries for 84-yards, followed by Markle with 7 carries for 66-yards (including a 7-yard touchdown), Jonas Walter with 10 carries for 45-yards, Robby Harbison with 11 carries for 41-yards, Brown with 6 carries for 32-yards (including a 4-yard touchdown), Wyatt Trostle with 2 carries for 13-yards, Dillon Thomas with 1 carry for 11-yards, and Sterner with 5 carries for 2-yards.  Brock Geiman kicked 1 extra point, Tyler Jachelski recorded 1 sack for a 13-yard loss, and Taylor defended a pass, for the Mustangs.

The Lions gained 194-yards rushing and 93-yards passing for a total of 287 yards gained.  Blake Cahill completed 10 of 14 passes for 93-yards and 2 touchdowns, 2 for 35-yards to Damien Hess, 4 for 17-yards to Chris Knorr, 1 for 15-yards to Dan Waldrup, 1 for 11-yards and a touchdown to Alex Keller, 1 for 9-yards to Luke Patterson, and 1 for 6-yards and a touchdown to Matt Wanbaugh, for the Lions. 

Cahill led the Lions rushing attack with 16 carries for 92-yards, followed by Antwan Jackson with 8 carries for 62-yards, Kenny Holloway with 8 carries for 35-yards (including a 7-yard touchdown), and Waldrup with 3 carries for 5-yards.  Evan Miller kicked 2 extra points and Hess intercepted a pass on the last play of the game, for the Lions.

The 66 member strong 10-time Cavalcade of Bands Champions, Tournament of Bands Group IV Champion and US Scholastic Band Champion South Western Mustangs Marching Band put on a stirring half time performance, presenting their 2013 field show “Joyful Beethoven.”  The Ode to Joy theme from the 9th Symphony is among the most recognizable melodies of all time.  Throughout the show this melody was combined, altered, and woven into many of Beethoven’s other compositions.  The show opened with a bold statement of the Ode to Joy theme that transitioned into the main theme from the fifth Symphony, featuring a horn trio of Amanda Smith, Nicia Werner, and Briannah Rohrbaugh.  Following a brief interlude of the Ode to Joy, the passion of the Egmont Overture was heard.  The music evolved from passion to triumph as the band segued into the Overture from Fidelio.  The Ballad began with the haunting sounds of the Moonlight Sonata and continued with the theme from the 2nd Movement of the Pathetique Sonata before being combined with the Ode to Joy Theme.  The closer began with the light-hearted sounds of the Scherzo theme from the Eroica Symphony before finishing with the triumphant reprise of the Ode to Joy Melody.

The 91 member strong Lions Marching Band presented their show “The Tribal Effect” after the game.

The 33 member strong Mustangs Cheer Leading squad and the Lion’s squad were very impressive as they roused the faithful.

The Mustangs of South Western are 2-6-0 overall and 0-3-0 in York Adams Interscholastic Athletic Association (YAIAA) Division I league play.

The Mustangs have a career record of 340-208-8.  The results of the 556 games played in the history of the South Western Mustangs are a career .620 winning percentage and a .626 non-losing percentage.

Next week the Mustangs host the Bearcats of William Penn (3-5 overall, 2-1 league) at the Mustang Corral.  William Penn is coming off of a 49-35 victory over the Rockets of Spring Grove.  The Mustangs are still looking to regain the winning track.  GO MUSTANGS GO.


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